April 27 - 28, 2024 | Cleveland, Ohio

Advanced Coating Symposium

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 Suggested topics include: 
Advanced understanding of paper requirements (including surface characterization)
  • Converting for barrier, packaging, etc.
  • Coatings for printing and functional imaging, e.g. printed electronics & microfluidics
  • Calendaring / finishing
Advanced understanding of paper & board coating processes and structures
  • Chemistry of coating materials and interactions between the materials
  • Coating structure and functional process properties
  • Mathematical and computational modelling
  • Coating structure, methods, and functional properties for molded pulp products
Sustainability: Advances at the forefront
  • Sustainable components and processes (including energy saving, coating recycling)
  • Sustainable products (e.g. bioactive and barrier coatings, binder systems)


April 27 -28, 2024 • Cleveland, OH


A forum for researchers and coating technologists to present their findings concerning coating fundamentals
and leading-edge developments related to paper surface treatment, printing operations and functional coatings.


Held prior to TAPPICon 2024